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Business Planning & Strategies Formulation

Designing of Control Systems

These future-oriented services aim to bring specialized diagnostic skills to handling a variety of special projects ranging from specific problem solving to long term strategic planning to business process designing to setting up of a control framework. These non-audit based services are an aid to management in finding constructive and practical solutions to key concerns affecting organizational performance in an era of cut-throat competition. The collaborative approach adopted in these consultancy projects makes for easy implementation of the proposed organizational and process models.

Our Management Consultancy Services includes the following:

Business Planning & Strategies Formulation

  • Business Process Consulting

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • Designing of Accounting Systems

  • Designing of Costing Systems

  • Stores Management Process

  • Asset Management Systems

Designing of Control Systems

  • Risk Assessment and Management Models

  • Designing the Internal Audit Framework

  • Budgetary Control Systems

  • MIS Review and Design

  • Schedule of Authorities

Designing of Accounting & Operations Manual