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Goods and Service Tax

India has made transition to GST regime effective 1st July 2017 and we at SNR has assisted large number of clients including from manufacturing sector, traders and service providers to make this a smooth transition. Afterwards there has been a plethora of amendments, notifications, circulars and clarifications being issued by the Government from time to time.

We are well equipped to handle all GST related issues in the following specific areas:

Filing of periodic GST returns and appearance before the authorities in cases of adjudication, audit, investigation and other proceedings.
Refund support
Preparation and filing of application seeking refund under GST laws.
Litigation Support
Appearance before the Commissioner (Appeals), Authority for Advance rulings (AAR) and Appellate Tribunal.
Compliance reviews
Carrying out detailed compliance reviews covering the tax incidence, input credit eligibility and overall compliance with GST provisions and providing a compliance status report to management on periodical basis.
Providing transaction specific advisory services on various issues considering the GST law and national and international jurisprudence on the subject in the form of written opinions