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Our forensic services are designed to help to deal with complex issues of fraud and regulatory which if not address can derail a company from achieving its potential.

With increasing regulatory requirements, the need for greater transparency in operations and disclosure norms, stakeholders require assurance beyond the traditional numbers.

Globalization of the Indian Corporate world has been a key driver in harmonization of accounting practices in financial disclosure norms. Shareholding pattern in Indian Corporates’ is fast changing its form to strategic investors, private equity investors and Foreign Institutional Investor’s, demanding transparent financial statements.

We provide expert attestation services through our qualified professionals. The service engagements include performing audits of financial statements of corporates, banks, NGOs etc.

Designing of Control Systems

The use of international financial reporting standards (IFRS) as a universal financial reporting language is gaining importance across the globe. IFRS presents challenges at all stages of the IFRS conversion lifecycle. SNR has experience of helping clients in the conversion of financials from Indian GAAP to IFRS.

SNR is equipped with the range of professionals to help the company’s conversion to IFRS involving the following areas

Deferred Tax Accounting
Employee Benefits
Fair Value Accounting
Financial Instruments
Optimize all decisions related to IFRS conversion
Preparation of IFRS financial statements

Concurrent Audit

Concurrent Audits are a systematic and timely examination of the financial transactions on a regular basis.

Due Diligence

Effective Due Diligence depends on identifying and managing significant transaction issues.

Internal Audit

From Traditional Internal Audit to World Class Management Assurance, the role and nature of Internal Audit.
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Designing of Accounting & Operations ManualJourney

Better management of fraud risk and compliance exposure is a critical business priority irrespective of sector in which one operates. With our team of forensic professional with deep knowledge we help protect companies businesses from fraud, misconduct and non-compliance, this helps organisations reduce reputation risk and commercial loss.
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Our forensic services include

Accounting Irregularities and Fraud Investigation

Our services in this segment primary includes Investigating allegations of fraud, embezzlement and theft or suspected money-laundering; Investigating loss or theft of intellectual property; suspicious transaction analysis where there may be large volumes of transactions; Investigating allegation of employee fraud i.e. kickbacks, misappropriation of assets, manipulation of financial records, Reconstructing financial record.

Know Your Customer Services (KYC)

Know your customer (KYC) refers to due diligence activities that financial institutions and other regulated companies must perform to ascertain relevant information from their clients for the purpose of doing business with them. Know your customer policies are becoming increasingly important globally to prevent identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. The objective of KYC guidelines is to prevent banks from being used, intentionally or unintentionally, by criminal elements for money laundering activities. Our services includes review of KYC documents to ensure the compliance in terms of regulatory requirement and putting in effective controls to have robust KYC system.

Fraud Risk Assessment

In the current scenario with high growth potential and dynamic business environment, companies are primarily focused on sustaining growth and it is likely that companies are susceptible to fraudulent activities. The fraud may happen in purchase and revenue leading to high risk. While acknowledging that no single approach to fraud risk management can fit every organization’s needs, Our team helps clients by bringing key practices and offers a strategic approach to aligning corporate values with performance. We follow an effective, business-driven fraud risk management approach encompassing controls that serves three objectives: Prevention, Detection and Response. This helps clients assess their vulnerability to fraud, reduce fraud loss and revenue leakage by evaluating their existing counter-measures, and developing effective anti-fraud policies, systems and controls.

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