Bringing value through expertise
Transaction and Business Advisory
Successful reconfiguration of asset and ownership structures calls for complete understanding and mastery of the dynamics at play in the economic and financial environment. Strategic Analysis and Planning are critical for each form of restructuring; be it a merger, a divestment, an acquisition/takeover, a joint venture, a share repurchase, an expansion or a leveraged buy-out.

The range of advisory services includes

Business Entry Advisory Services

These includes locating partners in India and abroad, Regulatory Permissions, Advice on Shareholder Agreements and Joint Venture and Technical collaboration Agreement


Family settlement


Prepare business plans, budgets, and trading forecasts.


Conduct a feasibility study of client’s projects.


Business Restructuring; Mergers and Demergers


Pre Deal Feasibility analysis


Deal Negotiations & Structuring


Business Valuation


Project Financing